Ether Builder 1.9.9 Update

over 3 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by ether
  • Updated: Ether JS Core tweaks
  • Fixed: Icon chooser UI not showing up after 1.9.7 update
  • Fixed: Front-End: Widget: List Icon: One icon not showing up properly
  • Updated: Front-End: Widget: Services: Source changes
  • Added: Admin: Ether: Hide “Ether Board” widget from the Dashboard Widgets option
  • Added: Admin: Ether: Hide “Ether” entry from the Admin Toolbar
  • Updated: renamed admin/media/stylesheets/builder-preview-theme.css to admin/media/stylesheets/ether-builder-preview-theme.css

Ether Builder 1.9.8 Update: New Video

over 3 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by ether

The last few months have been full of changes. We’ve redesigned many aspects of the plugin, resolved some long standing core issues, as well as updated the user interface completely. The updates should be more steady from now on. To keep everything balanced, there’s a new promo video as well – check it out over here

  • Fixed: Front-End: Tabs & Accordion widget always getting auto focused on page load
  • Fixed: Live Previews: got hidden in the previous WP 4.0 compatibility update, show properly now
  • Updated: Brand new video preview

Ether Builder 1.9.7 Update: WP 4.0 Compat Update

over 3 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by ether
  • Fixed: WordPress 4.0 Compatibility: (main editor tabs overlapping builder widgets modal window)
  • Updated: Core: Minor Javascript tweaks
  • Fixed: Front end: Widget: Nivo: Sldier width getting applied incorrectly sometimes
  • Added: Widget options: Divider: Custom top/bottom spacing
  • Tweaked: Front-end: Widget: Button: Medium button icon alignment

Ether Content Builder 1.9.6 Tweaks & Bugfixes

over 3 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • Updated: Admin UI tweaks
  • Fixed: Javascript core: Conditional fields: multiple [OR] conditions
  • Updated: Gallery widget: Option added: Show links in new tab
  • Fixed: Front end: Tabs/Accordion widget: page scroll to widget position on a page load even when no hash was set
  • Fixed: Front end: Custom spacing for grid slider widgets now works as expected
  • Fixed: Front end: Divider, List, Message, Post Feed, Page Feed, Custom Feed: Tweaked styles
  • Added: Widget: Accordion: option to toggle tab state marker on/off
  • Fixed: Front+Admin: Divider widget: Tweaked styles
  • Fixed: Admin: Testimonials widget: Javascript error when adding/editing widget
  • Fixed: Admin: Slider Nav Preview: controls positioning not updating properly
  • Fixed: Admin UI: Drag&Drop behaviour when inserting widgets into/out of columns
  • Added: Builder > Grid settings: default grid spacing size
  • Added: Widgets: New Icons

Ether Content Builder 1.9.5 is out! Widgets + Admin UI update

over 3 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • Updated: Admin & front-end: Javascript core tweaks
  • Fixed: Core: Conditional fields issue with multiple and-conditions per group
  • Fixed: Admin UI: Layout of some of the toggle checkboxes was broken
  • Fixed: Admin UI: Nivo Slider inits with more reasonable defaults now
  • Updated: Admin UI: UI Tweaks
  • Updated: Widget: Nivo Slider version (v.3.2)
  • Updated: Widget: Nivo Slider options added: slices, box_cols, box_rows, direction_nav, control_nav, pause_on_hover, prev_text, next_text, random_start, theme, start_slide; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Roundabout: inits with more reasonable defaults now. Reorganised and simplified options interface; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Divider: Options added: Border style, width, color, text color; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Button: Options added: Border radius, border color; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Heading: Options added: Font size, font family (500 fonts from Google Fonts Directory), font color, font weight, font style; Updated preview
  • Updated: Admin pages: Ether, Builder, License