1 day ago in Inspire by matt

Night is a great time for drifters. It’s friends with serenity that is so hard to come by during the day. Just do fucking nothing and enjoy the moment.

Being alone

3 days ago in Inspire by luke

Sitting alone, resting alone,
going forth alone, without laziness;
he who understands deeply
the roots of suffering
enjoys great peace,
while dwelling in solitude.


Nature of a Man

12 days ago in Inspire by matt

Power, feelings and knowledge – these are the fundamental illusions a man can┬álive to make his time worthwhile.

What’s yours?

The Aftermath

16 days ago in Inspire by matt

Nothing nothing nothing and then Everything you know twists like a spiral. Things connect. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. The spiral never untwists completely. Not after the peek, not after a year. A Gateway opens and you can(?) choose to listen from then on.

Blade Runner 2049

23 days ago in Inspire by luke

Blade Runner 2049