Ether Builder 1.8.7 is out, packing lots of nice new features!

over 10 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt

Version 1.8.7 is out and brings quite a few new tools to the table. Check out the changelog below and most importantly do an update and have a hands on experience with the new version.

  • Added: Admin: Visual feedback for widget alignment and width in WP Editor for all widgets
  • Added: Admin: More subtle visual feedback in WP Editor focused on highlighting widget-specific properties for the following widgets: Image, List, Heading, Syntax Highlighter, Blockquote, Video, Post/Page/Custom Feeds, Button, Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Pricing Box
  • Added: Admin: Clearfloat option for most of the Widgets for an easier control of content alignment and positioning relative to one another
  • Added: Admin: Toggle visibility option for all widgets allowing for quick toggle of a widget without the need to delete/remove it. It’s accessible both in Widget Modal Edit under the Misc section or upon hovering over the item in WP Editor with Builder tab active
  • Changed: Admin: Widget Icons: Syntax Highlighter, Video, Button, Tabs, Posts Feed, Custom Posts Feed, Pages Feed, Rich Text, Services, Testimonials, Blockquote, Divider, Google Map
  • Changed: Admin: Reorganised Widget Metabox – separated columns from widgets
  • Fixed: Admin: Jerky behaviour of content generated with Ether Content Builder when loading WP Editor just before Ether Builder css gets applied
  • Change: Admin: CSS tweaks, revisited some styles
  • Fixed: Admin: Disapearing widgets
  • Updated: Admin: Ether > Builder settings page
  • Fixed: Front-end: Behaviour of some non-aligned widgets when placed adjacently to a left/right floated one for the following widgets: Blockquote, Message, Lists
  • Fixed: Front-end: Image Widget not showing in all IE + Image Widget related whitespace bug in Chrome
  • Fixed: Front-end: Sliders getting 0 width when aligned
    Fixed: Front-end: Gallery Widget “Elements Height” field not getting applied with default “Image Mode”
  • Fixed: Front-end: Gallery Widget “Image Mode” “Fit” fits image within container right now instead of stretching it with no regard to image ratio
  • Added: Gallery Widget “Elements Height” Custom option

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