8 months ago in Inspire by matt

thoughts scrambled
random events
mother nature
father chaos
welcome it
say it’s good.


10 months ago in Inspire by matt

Time exists so that everything doesn’t happen all at once.
Albert Einstein

Web Snooker and Get Rigged! revived

10 months ago in Game, News and Web Snooker by luke

Just finished uploading and setting up two old projects that went offline some unknown amount of time ago. These games were specifically crafted for Mozilla GameOn.

You can now access Web Snooker and even play online with your friend. Also, don’t miss the chance and drift around in the Get Rigged! desert.

A world of inconvenience

11 months ago in Inspire by matt

Always striving towards perfection and higher standard you leave yourself vulnerable to being upset and frustrated at the tiniest of inconveniences. Is this the state of mind you want to live in?

Time Traveler’s Journal #2

11 months ago in Time Traveler's Journal by matt

Observe the moment, adapt yourself, shape the outside. The ol’ timer said to me once, the name of whom I cannot even remember anymore, if he was really ever there. Sane or not, the idea remained in me, and will most likely prevail. And so the guy lives, a part of him. Observe, adapt, shape. You’re not perfect. Not you is not perfect. You are watching and so are them.

A good trade.

Kingdom Poetry

11 months ago in Inspire by matt

I am king. King of life when on my own. King of life when in the zone.

Time Traveler’s Journal #1

11 months ago in Time Traveler's Journal by matt

Nothing prepared me to experience life more than my failed lifelong ideas of the perfect life I thought I was supposed to have when I grow up when I was younger. It’s not the right path for everyone but it worked for me, and it worked exceptionally well given the circumstances. I don’t have almost nothing but that’s not the endgame. I can see it clearly these days. I am glad. I feel free. I found myself. I feel unfit with this world but I found myself. There’s lots of confidence and comfort to be gained in finding the inner truths and workings of life. Of LIFE. Not the life you’re being told to live – to follow. The LIFE itself. The uncountable whys and hows of being here in the now. Perhaps that’s just my deluding myself to keep things in order. I don’t know for sure. How can I? Who do you think I am? God?

Negative, Positive?

11 months ago in Inspire by matt

even though it’s clearly over, there will always be a small part of me, expecting that I still have a chance.

Sounds positive to me.


11 months ago in Inspire by matt

All you are is what you’re going after.
Vincent Hanna, Heat (1995)


12 months ago in Inspire by matt

Learn to take out the best out of the worst.