Ether Builder 1.7.1 (WordPress 3.5)

over 5 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke
  • Support for Post Revisions (beta) – it’s turned off by default and can be turned on in Ether > Builder > Enable revision support for Builder content
  • Fixed: Scroll Spy issues
  • Fixed: Conflicts with some theme/plugins interfering with searching posts for Ether Content Builder content
  • Fixed: ‘output buffering’ issue causing fatal error
  • Fixed: pods plugin conflict
  • Fixed: Saving/Loading Ether Content Builder templates
  • Fixed: Links in admin bar removed for users without proper permissions
  • Added: Widget label (misc tab) – allows to provide custom title/label for a widget that appears in admin view (so you can have a widget titled ‘Image – custom image description’ rather than ‘Image – /path/to/image/or-other-cryptic-stuff’)
  • Fixed: Warnings caused by changes applied to $wpdb->prepare() method in WordPress 3.5

Ether Builder 1.7.0

over 5 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke
  • Added: Blank Canvas option via Builder metabox for creating landing pages without any theme styles and only Ether Content Builder widgets
  • Added: CSS style widget for adding extra css rules on a single page
  • Added: Ether > Builder > Custom CSS field for any global css changes
  • Added: Template Widget – Allows templates to be added to a page the same way widgets are
  • Added: Link Widget
  • Addded: Heading menu / Scrollspy menu that takes headings that exist within the content and creates a menu out of them
  • Fixed: New Twitter api compatibility
  • Fixed: Error in WordPress 3.5 beta2
  • Fixed: Unit type input in field widgets (px / % / em)
  • Added: ID attribute for heading widget
  • Added: Custom href destination for divider widget
  • Fixed: Javascript error: “undefined switchEditor”
  • Added: Filters for defining new selectboxes in widget styles (ether_image_frames, ether_blockquote_styles, ether_table_styles, ether_multi_styles (tabs and accordion), ether_testimonials_styles, ether_pricing-table_styles, ether_heading-menu_styles)
  • Added: Filter for adding new color presets in Ether > Builder – ether_builder_presets
  • Added: Support for default featured image for post feeds. If Ether Builder does not find one set in Builder metabox it will try and search for it in featured image.

Ether Backup 1.2

over 5 years ago in API, Ether Backup and News by luke
  • Removed: Additional tables field
  • Added: Autodetect of all WordPress and custom plugin tables and their inclusion in a backup
  • Added: Possibility of including active theme and plugin files in a backup
  • Fixed: Migration of tables from Mult-Single sites environments

Ether Builder 1.6.8

over 5 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke
  • Fixed: shortcodes conflicts (shortcodes from all plugins should wor flawlessly now)
  • Fixed: metabox builder
  • Fixed: hardcoded strings in builder.js that prevented a few phrases from being translated to other languages
  • Fixed: rich text issue with visual editor tab turned off
  • Fixed: image insert in image related widgets (galleries) (it used to break sometimes so that inserted images would line up in one column instead of three)
  • Fixed: gallery titles
  • Fixed: issues with post feed and some galleries overlapping other widgets due to their height being incorectly calculated

Ether Builder 1.6.5

over 5 years ago in API, Ether Backup, Ether Builder and News by matt

Ether Builder 1.6.5

  • Fixed: Bug: columns widget breaking up after saving changes to a page
  • Fixed: images tab in media library can insert images into visual editor now, too
  • Added: Other widgets featuring Rich text can have images added now, too
  • Added: Prevention of caching js/css files in admin panel after new releases
  • Fixed: allow_url_fopen removed from required dependencies list (so the error caused by it won’t appear anymore
  • UI adjustments to the backend