Ether Builder 1.8.8 is out! Feature frenzy continues!

over 10 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • Changed: Admin: Widget Preview Styles in main editor: Divider, Heading, Tabs, Accordion
  • Fixed: Admin: Slider navigation style switcher (8 different types available)
  • Fixed: Front-end: Table content not getting 100% width of the table by default
  • Fixed: Front-end: Slider navigation position shift gets applied properly now
  • Fixed: Front-end: Slider navigation dark theme variants get applied now (before this light were selected regardles of Theme field selected value)
  • Fixed: Front-end: Several Slider issues with more than one slider on a page
  • Changed: Front-end: Styles for the following widgets: Tabs, Accordion, Button, Testimonials, Blockquote
  • Added: Tab Icons with Customizable Color (powered by WP DashIcons) for the following widgets: Tabs, Accordion
  • Addded: Button Widget Icons; 2 predefined styles: Thin Border & Flat Color
  • Added: 1 new border style for Image Widget + Old styles tweaks
  • Addded: Live Previews for: Image Border Style, Blockquote, Button, Testimonials, Services, Slider Nav Live Preview for all Widgets utilising Grid Slider (Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Flickr Feed, Twitter Feeed, Post Feed, Page Feed, Custom Post Feed)
  • Addded: Blockquote Widget Options: Author and Url

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