Tunamp v3

over 4 years ago in Dev and Tunamp by luke

After so many years using underground music circlejerk community with my friends and trying to figure out better algorithms and solutions for music discovery i realized it’s not about that.

Discovering music is just about easy access and just listening to music without any distractions.

So why not just do that? I’ve got really excited about it and spent 18+ hours coding like a mad man. I got rid of all distractions and useless features and made listening to music as simple as possible. We don’t need any fancy features, just a place where we can share and enjoy music.

Tunamp: Some tweaks

over 9 years ago in Tunamp by luke

Some small tweaks and improvements i made over the last few days:

  • Listen to tunes without an account
  • When you enter the page of a specific tune and nothing is on, it will play automatically
  • Fixed info crawled by facebook bot
  • “Add to queue” button next to “Buy” and “Favorite” buttons
  • Volume control
  • Random tunes in the bottom bar

Tunamp: User profile

over 9 years ago in Tunamp by luke

You can now check out your (or others) favorite tunes, check out listen history and investigate following/followers. Also added some more caching, fixed some minor bugs.

YEAP! Mobile version just got one step closer.

Tunamp: Discover pages, new genre list and some other goodies

over 9 years ago in Tunamp by luke

So yeah, another update, this time it is more focused on behind the scenes:

  • Discover pages, you can now browse popular, new or random tunes
  • New, simplified genre list. There are 11 genres you can submit your tunes to.
  • Removed useless year field in the upload form
  • Genre field is required in the upload form (subgenre is optional)
  • Fixed \”time ago\” date format
  • Fixed search
  • Added popular tags in the footer
  • Added \”buy\” buttons on the tune page
  • Added cache system for the feeds

Right now i am working on fixing css issues on windows. Also, mobile version should be available over the next couple of days.

Tunamp: Favorites and ranking

over 9 years ago in Tunamp by luke

You can now add tunes you like to favorites. It is not just a way to store your special tunes, it is also your appreciation and +1 point in the ranking.

Right now, all the tunes on the front page are sorted by score which is calculated based on favorites count, play count and creation date. I will write some more about it later.

Tunamp: Small update

over 9 years ago in Tunamp by luke

We added a bunch of new things:

  • invintation queue
  • comment system
  • profile editing
  • new profile page