Tunamp: Some tweaks

over 4 years ago in Tunamp by luke

Some small tweaks and improvements i made over the last few days:

  • Listen to tunes without an account
  • When you enter the page of a specific tune and nothing is on, it will play automatically
  • Fixed info crawled by facebook bot
  • “Add to queue” button next to “Buy” and “Favorite” buttons
  • Volume control
  • Random tunes in the bottom bar

Tunamp: User profile

over 4 years ago in Tunamp by luke

You can now check out your (or others) favorite tunes, check out listen history and investigate following/followers. Also added some more caching, fixed some minor bugs.

YEAP! Mobile version just got one step closer.

Tunamp: Discover pages, new genre list and some other goodies

over 4 years ago in Tunamp by luke

So yeah, another update, this time it is more focused on behind the scenes:

  • Discover pages, you can now browse popular, new or random tunes
  • New, simplified genre list. There are 11 genres you can submit your tunes to.
  • Removed useless year field in the upload form
  • Genre field is required in the upload form (subgenre is optional)
  • Fixed \”time ago\” date format
  • Fixed search
  • Added popular tags in the footer
  • Added \”buy\” buttons on the tune page
  • Added cache system for the feeds

Right now i am working on fixing css issues on windows. Also, mobile version should be available over the next couple of days.

Tunamp: Favorites and ranking

over 4 years ago in Tunamp by luke

You can now add tunes you like to favorites. It is not just a way to store your special tunes, it is also your appreciation and +1 point in the ranking.

Right now, all the tunes on the front page are sorted by score which is calculated based on favorites count, play count and creation date. I will write some more about it later.

Tunamp: Small update

over 4 years ago in Tunamp by luke

We added a bunch of new things:

  • invintation queue
  • comment system
  • profile editing
  • new profile page