Coffee & Reflections

about 1 month ago in Inspire by matt

As we get older we lose touch with our earliest memories and very first sensations that had been so fundamental in shaping what has become of us. We’re forced to neglect it, indirectly, due to flood of information, responsibilities, falling victims to our inner drive to experience more.

Reflect on that idea instead of the usual newspaper or whatever noisemaker that goes down with the morning coffee and maybe you will get a glimpse of that state of mind of a youngster. Irresponsible, creative and unaware. With a sharp mind and free of these troubles.


about 1 month ago in Inspire by matt

We’re so dependent on cycles of life, it amazes me. It’s Thursday evening but it feels like weekend already. My receptors can sense the incoming alone time and their excitation levels are through the roof. I wish I had more control over it. I wish I could make myself feel like that on Mondays. I once read that true happiness depends on the resultant quality of ones’ thoughts as it is what we are left with at the end of the day. The rest is just a cover up. Sounds about right to me.

Ido Portal – Locomotion research

about 1 month ago in Inspire by luke

Hate26 – Magnetic Love

about 1 year ago in Inspire by matt

We live in an age of mass production where commerce & competition wants you to buy buy buy what’s theirs. Abundance obstructs purpose and finding quality content gets statistically less and less likely with every minute and every bit of information added. As a positive side-effect to this, however, finding new gems gets more and more rewarding, too.

RTS: Update

about 1 year ago in Game and rts by matt

In the sea of rewriting and ensuing bug fixes, last week I have updated some of the tools that already existed to make them more usable and easier to extend in the future. Most notably, I have reached all of the goals of the first base milestone:

  • - Player armies can be now composed relatively easily with decent control over army size and efficiency.
  • - Core of the enemy units interaction model is finally implemented, with control over all relevant factors that define first and most basic core balancing pillar of battles, presumably.
  • - Viewer for analysis of battle simulations.

Here’s a snapshot of battle rounds view, slightly revisited compared to the previous version but still legitimately cryptic I think.