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over 7 years ago in Game and Inspire by matt

Try explaining to a mother that creativity is the only thing that matters in life.
Try explaining to a drunkard.
A Lunatic.
Try defining what love is.
Why so obsessive about curiousity and creating?
Why so inefficient in extending knowledge?
A paradox of life. To love and hate each part of myself equally. Parts are not compatible.
People are awesome but not many
Am I one of them?
Chaos is order.
Probably not.
None of this stuff matters when obsession kicks in.
Nurturing your mind is the only thing that matters.
Ignore procrastination. Focus on creativity.
I’ll be a lunatic if I get old.
Pure knowledge is power.
Addicted to sleep. Addicted to food.
Addicted to knowledge.
Just do it.
Never felt so free.
Never felt so lost.
Never cared less.
Creativity is my driver, even if only in my head.
I never believed in god.
I used to think there’s nothing else besides science.
I don’t anymore.
It’s a waste of time to ponder on that.
With or without

We’re working on a game project. RTS. My last couple of weeks of life spent, typing docs and plotting graphs in spreadsheets. Feels good. How’s that for a good life receipe.

Hopefully there will be more. More in detail, and less in rambling.

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