Warp Speed second alpha release and a new video!

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Warp Speed gets its second pre-alpha release! We also have a video with the ingame footage and badass killer voice of mine for you!

Apologies for such a huge gap in the updates! We had to shut up for a while and concentrate on work. Focused as never before we’ve generated such a huge gap between the last release and this one that it literally got beyond our comprehension! BTW. This update was originally scheduled for the end of August:P

We’ve got an update on everything, textures, gfx, engine, EVERYTHING! I won’t be spamming to much and will leave you with the real stuff to play with:


100% of the ingame footage, no video fireworks yet, includes a few useful comments of mine.


A few ingame screens

Warp Speed Alpha ingame screen

Warp Speed Alpha ingame screen

Warp Speed Alpha ingame screen


There wasn’t much to do for you in the previous release, this time there’s a couple of weapons to play with, don’t miss the trickjumping part in the video!

This is a general update, physics is still not perfect, nothing really is, WE WANT YOUR INPUT! CMON! Leave some critique comments!

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