Ether Builder 2.0.8 Update: WP41 Compatibility & Core Update

over 8 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by ether

Hey, we’ve been through some troubles recently that prevented us from issuing steady releases. At the moment it looks as if we’ve sorted things out for the most part. Sorry for the inconvenience, stay tuned, we have a lot of cool stuff coming in soon! We’re back!

Version 2.0.8 released on January 27, 2015

  • Added: Disable top/bottom spacing options for any widget
  • Fixed: (Admin) Columns height not initializing properly on switch to builder editor tab when it it not set as a default tab
  • Fixed: (Admin) of wp editor tabs being misaligned vertically in Firefox
  • Fixed: (Admin) Rich Text in group items
  • Fixed: (Admin) Styles of add widget button in column widget in main editor view in Firefox
  • Hotfix: WP41 compatibility release
  • Updated: A handful of Grid Slider adjustments and tweaks here and there, a few small bugfixes
  • Updated: Added dev version of all js sources split into chunks for all relevant scripts in locations: ether/media/scripts/dev, admin/media/scripts/dev and media/scripts/dev.
  • Updated: Core update
  • Updated: General tweaks to some widgets pertaining to unification of the coding style patterns
  • Updated: Gridslider settings are now passed via data-gridslider-config HTML attribute rather than class names

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