Ether Builder 1.7.0

over 6 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke
  • Added: Blank Canvas option via Builder metabox for creating landing pages without any theme styles and only Ether Content Builder widgets
  • Added: CSS style widget for adding extra css rules on a single page
  • Added: Ether > Builder > Custom CSS field for any global css changes
  • Added: Template Widget – Allows templates to be added to a page the same way widgets are
  • Added: Link Widget
  • Addded: Heading menu / Scrollspy menu that takes headings that exist within the content and creates a menu out of them
  • Fixed: New Twitter api compatibility
  • Fixed: Error in WordPress 3.5 beta2
  • Fixed: Unit type input in field widgets (px / % / em)
  • Added: ID attribute for heading widget
  • Added: Custom href destination for divider widget
  • Fixed: Javascript error: “undefined switchEditor”
  • Added: Filters for defining new selectboxes in widget styles (ether_image_frames, ether_blockquote_styles, ether_table_styles, ether_multi_styles (tabs and accordion), ether_testimonials_styles, ether_pricing-table_styles, ether_heading-menu_styles)
  • Added: Filter for adding new color presets in Ether > Builder – ether_builder_presets
  • Added: Support for default featured image for post feeds. If Ether Builder does not find one set in Builder metabox it will try and search for it in featured image.


#1 over 6 years ago by Nguyen Trong Thach

I bought version 1.6.8. How do I update to the latest version ?

#2 over 6 years ago by Max

Can Ether (I bought it at codecanyon save the layout and it’s content along with revisions… as this currently not seams to be the case. As I am not using templates I was thinking maybe there could be a solution to lash on too the hooks for saving and restoring revisions to save and restore templates named with the page id and revision id.
Or have you got a better idea. The problem is that there is so much content in your plugin (not only the stuff inserted by the content widget) on our site and we need to be able to go back or restore if we loss content or have accidentally deleted something. Works with normal revision but not with either … or?

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