A random conversation

10 months ago in Inspire by matt

- When you’re in it you’re in it
– What’s that supposed to mean?
– That you haven’t been in it yet

Dixie Hummingbirds – If Anybody Ask You

11 months ago in Inspire by luke

Gospel at its finest.


11 months ago in Inspire by matt

Recently I bought new rollerblades. The idea came at random, a bizarre coincidence I guess it was. I took them for a spin tonight. Haven’t had so much fun while sober and not doing nerdy things for a few good years now. Life is such a random thing but it’s hard to remember when trapped in the box of life goals and routines. Stick your head out and pay attention.

The light winning over the dark

11 months ago in Inspire by matt

carcosa hallucination

In the last scene of the True Detective 1 Rust says that once there was only darkness and now the light is winning. There’s an interesting interpretation of that scene in the idea of one’s true passion in a life that’s otherwise a sequence of physiological events.
Whatever happens in a life of a man, there’s that brief moment every once in a while when he’s satisfied when his passion lets him in deeper and deeper.
There’s some comfort in that no matter what happens in life, that one thing you love the most loves you back every once in a while in a pure satisfactory way that nothing else quite compares to.
Even if you cannot put a price on that relationship it gives some deeper meaning to everything, whatever that’s worth, and makes things interesting in the most bizzare of ways.

simple truth of life

12 months ago in Inspire by matt

Eventually everything becomes comfortable if you do it long enough.some dude from the sewers, California


about 1 year ago in Inspire by luke

Vladimir Nabokov – Pale Fire

about 1 year ago in Inspire by luke

And blood-black nothingness began to spin
A system of cells interlinked within
Cells interlinked within cells interlinked
Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct
Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.


about 1 year ago in Inspire by matt

Night is a great time for drifters. It’s friends with serenity that is so hard to come by during the day. Just do fucking nothing and enjoy the moment.

Being alone

about 1 year ago in Inspire by luke

Sitting alone, resting alone,
going forth alone, without laziness;
he who understands deeply
the roots of suffering
enjoys great peace,
while dwelling in solitude.


Nature of a Man

about 1 year ago in Inspire by matt

Power, feelings and knowledge – these are the fundamental illusions a man can┬álive to make his time worthwhile.

What’s yours?