Woohoo! 0.8.1 released! + Win a free Woohoo! key!

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

Another update is out there!

Download links:

This one includes bugfixes and a few new maps:

  • Quickrun and kobex got redesigned – they are more beginner friendly now.
  • Added new easy tracks – spartan, trigger, magnetpie
  • Added new medium tracks – uberswitch, corridor and horizontal fun (this one’s to be considered test/alpha version though:p)
  • A few more minor updates to the current tracks
  • Minor website updates – added rank tracker on the homepage
  • No sounds included in this relase. However, our sound dudes are still working on them and have done really great work so far! Stay tuned!

Autoupdate doesn’t work yet so if you have downloaded woohoo already please re-download it again. Hopefully we’ll get rid of that issue pretty soon. Once again sorry for all the inconvenience!

If you have any complaints on the current maps set we’d be happy to hear from you. There’s still a lot to do and we’ll be finetuning them for some time yet anyway so your say matters to us!

Win a free Woohoo! copy for you or your girlfriend!

Yes, you got that right, it’s Woohoo! giveaway time and we’re handing out a few extra keys for free to the most avid fans. The rules? Pretty simple! Just get in the top 10 in the ranks by the end of the month and the key is yours!

REGISTRATION KEY will be EMAILED to the address you filled in your game settings so make sure it’s valid!

Good luck!

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