Woohoo! 0.8.2 Free. How about we go Woohoo! Live!?

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

As promised earlier today, Woohoo! is now free to play for everyone. You can still donate if you wish ;)

It’s also worth mentioning that we’re planning to release Woohoo in html5 canvas some time later. Will it be the same? No. We have a few ideas on our minds that in theory at least sound as good alternatives to what’s out there on the market already. Stay tuned ;)

Download links:

Woohoo! about to go free

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

We’ll be rolling an update shortly with a free version of Woohoo!

The info on the site has been already updated, the game will be soon as well, stay tuned!

You can still donate, get a key and a shiny star in the ranks, other than that it’s totally free of charge.

Contest winners announcement!

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

Slightly delayed but there they are!

  1. wesz
  2. leek
  3. Eithrial
  4. Wilk
  5. Netsu
  6. Basro
  7. BarnD
  8. rychlis
  9. urban
  10. Hopeless

We’ve sent the keys to the email addresses entered in the game settings. Some of the top10 players haven’t filled them in so if you’re one of them and still would like to acquire the key please update your email address in the game settings and let us know either here by comments or by email:contact.pordesign@gmail.com

Good job everyone!


Contest results!

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

Hey there,

The contest has ended and we have our happy winners. Well, most of them are us and/or our friends but there are a few quite attached players we don’t know in person which we’re really happy to see coming back every now and then! Big ups to you, keep it up! Thanks!;) We’ll have the keys sent over to you shortly.

Woohoo! 0.8.1 released! + Win a free Woohoo! key!

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

Another update is out there!

Download links:

This one includes bugfixes and a few new maps:

  • Quickrun and kobex got redesigned – they are more beginner friendly now.
  • Added new easy tracks – spartan, trigger, magnetpie
  • Added new medium tracks – uberswitch, corridor and horizontal fun (this one’s to be considered test/alpha version though:p)
  • A few more minor updates to the current tracks
  • Minor website updates – added rank tracker on the homepage
  • No sounds included in this relase. However, our sound dudes are still working on them and have done really great work so far! Stay tuned!

Autoupdate doesn’t work yet so if you have downloaded woohoo already please re-download it again. Hopefully we’ll get rid of that issue pretty soon. Once again sorry for all the inconvenience!

If you have any complaints on the current maps set we’d be happy to hear from you. There’s still a lot to do and we’ll be finetuning them for some time yet anyway so your say matters to us!

Win a free Woohoo! copy for you or your girlfriend!

Yes, you got that right, it’s Woohoo! giveaway time and we’re handing out a few extra keys for free to the most avid fans. The rules? Pretty simple! Just get in the top 10 in the ranks by the end of the month and the key is yours!

REGISTRATION KEY will be EMAILED to the address you filled in your game settings so make sure it’s valid!

Good luck!

Woohoo Drive! second release – introducing some big changes

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

After recieving some great and very well pointed out feedback from some of you guys we’re introducing some important user interface changes that will hopefully attract you more to Woohoo!

Download links:

There’s also a new promo video:

Changelog includes:

  • Added a thorough and comprehensive tutorial level
  • Renamed level difficulty names so that they are more suggestive to the first time visitor
  • Levels are sorted more properly now with regards to their difficulty
  • You can now earn medal awards for completing each map.
  • Map ranking displays after you’ve completed each map
  • Main menu/save demo/play again/next map options display after you’ve completed a map.
  • Some changes to the overall game visuals
  • Improved visibility
  • Minor level fixes and adjustments
  • Added turbo material in a few places
  • Cleaned up hud
  • Spiced up level editor
  • Choose from 5 different rig skins to match your style!
  • Added default and player personal best time ghosts!

Some of the chnages we’ve made require redownloading Woohoo! If you’ve downloaded Woohoo! already, please do again. From now on, there will be autoupdate included so you will not have to worry about anything anymore hopefully. Sorry for all the inconvenience!

Looking forward to hearing your ffedback and good luck on your way for the top ranks! Speaking of ranks, we’ll be rolling a little contest shortly to give out a few premium keys for the most avid and dedicated players, stay tuned in!

Woohoo Drive! 0.7.3 beta released!

over 13 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

We’re extremelly excited to announce the first official release of Woohoo Drive!

Woohoo Drive! is a great top-down racing game where you drive your space rig using your mouse or tablet only. The point is to get from point A to point B as fast as you can. Your highscores are then sent to the online scoreboard and you get ranked against other players! Whether you’re bored sitting in an office or looking for a fun game to chill you out, Woohoo Drive is a perfect match! For more info you can visit the about section.

We’ve put quite some effort to get with Woohoo that far and as indie developers we don’t ask for much in return! You can download Woohoo! for free, both for Linux and Windows. If you like the game and want to see it developing further, we really encourage you to register your copy of Woohoo! for a symbolic $5. You can have a look at a draft sketch of what we’re planning to implement in the about section.

Also, we heavily rely on the word of mouth as one of the means for spreading Woohoo Drive! across the universe so if you can please share this game with your friends that would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Everyone enjoy a free slice of Woohoo! The tab is all on us!

Looking forward to hearing some feedback from you and hopefully some registrations, too!