Web Snooker and Get Rigged! revived

over 5 years ago in Game, News and Web Snooker by luke

Just finished uploading and setting up two old projects that went offline some unknown amount of time ago. These games were specifically crafted for Mozilla GameOn.

You can now access Web Snooker and even play online with your friend. Also, don’t miss the chance and drift around in the Get Rigged! desert.

Web Snooker – Brief announcement

over 13 years ago in Game and Web Snooker by luke

Hi! We’re happy to announce that websnooker claimed the award of the best polished game on the Game On competition held by Mozilla Labs! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Other than that we’re currently working on improving what’s there already. We have just updated Websnooker with some bugfixes and cosmetic gameplay changes.

One of the next things we’ll be focusing on are different game modes. Since everyone loves 8-ball so much this is our closest target.

Please remember this is alpha and if you happen to find some bugs please let us know, either via feedback button on the right or on irc channel – #websnooker @ quakenet.org

We will be back with some more updates sometime soon!