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over 14 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by matt

Hello there, after finally getting bored with Mr. Stork’s skinny looks (it was our previous guest dude), I felt it’s time to replace him with someone who looks more badass and will be a base for the future final version of The Dude.

Today I decided on introducing to you our newborn child, Victor. Vector Victor, to be precise. What Victor Vector is? As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s a vector representation of the player model that’ll be used in Warp Speed. Why vector? Our destination size of The Dude is around 100px. It’s not pixel art in its pure form, but it’s not a hi-res model either. After having some thougts on this topic I tought pixel arting and doing The Dude in 1:1 ratio would be too tricky and the easier way will be with vectors since you can edit them more easily and they degrade pretty cool when scaled down to the desired size.

Below you can have a look at Victor in it’s full size. The Dude is simplified a bit and he may look a bit angular (when in such scale) but the point is to make it look badass in the target 100px scale. It doesn’t matter here, whether his abs are angular or rounded as you won’t see the difference in the end product anyway.

Vector Victor, a vector representation of the Warp Speed player model

Mr Victor Vector in its original scale. You can notice the joints between particular parts of his body. You may also notice that his palms are not finished.

Another cool thing about Victor is that his body parts fit to each other perfectly and look neat in any natural position. Below you can se a couple of poses Victor agreed to do for me on his first photo shoot session. Click the image to see how Victor looks in the targeted 100px scale.

Victor doing some posing on the photo shoot

Posing Victor. From the left: Standing; Dashing; Making a gesture; Falling backward after being hit.

So, what’s next?

In the meantime Victor will be spiced up and will have alt versions for front/back leg/hand done but he’s not a priority anymore. After we have officially launched the website I’m back to texturing BIG TIME!

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