Support Forum Notice

over 10 years ago in News by matt

We will be disabling Ether Support Forum in a short while and would encourage all of you to direct your support requests either via:

1) CodeCanyon comments – if they’re just feature requests

2) Or directly via email – – if you’re experiencing theme / plugin related issues. Remember that in order to speed up the debug process you can send us your admin / ftp as well as conflicting files (such as commercial theme or a plugin) along with issue ¬†description.

Ether Builder 1.4

over 10 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke
  • Added: Ether Builder configuration page: Define what Custom Post Types use Ether Builder and what widgets to display in it. Set builder as a default tab. More options to come soon!
  • Added: Color picker for color inputs
  • Added: Flickr feed widget with built-in gallery-like gridslider options
  • Added: Adding custom classes for some widgets
  • Added: Three predefined button styles – small, medium and big
  • Added: Show/hide address bubble in google map
  • Added: Heading widget -> h1 tag option added
  • Added: Blockquote styles
  • Added: toggle on-hover titles for images in gallery widget
  • Added: Frame type select for image and gallery widget
  • Added: Pricing table widget
  • Added: Pricing box widget
  • Added: Services widget style selectbox
  • Added: Contact Form widget
  • Addded: Ether Builder gui enhancements
  • Fixed WP e-commerce plugin compatibility (disable builder tab for product custom post type in builder admin page)
  • Fixed: WP search engine finds matches within content from Ether Builder now, too
  • Fixed: Ether Builder stylesheets loaded only when necessary
  • Fixed: Disappearing Ether Builder content after page update
  • Fixed: Volt themes compatibility
  • Fixed: Whitelight theme compatibility
  • Fixed: Sport Edget theme compatibility
  • Fixed: ithemes compatibility

Ether Builder 1.3 and 1.3.1

over 10 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke

Ether Builder 1.3.1

  • Fixed: parse error for sidebar widgets

Ether Builder 1.3

  • Added: Two-way support for sidebar widgets. You can use sidebar widgets in Ether Builder and the other way around!
  • Added: Grid Slider functionality included (works with gallery, testimonials and services widget)
  • Fixed: Colorbox conflict if a theme already had colorbox included

Planned in the next major update:

  • WPML compatibility
  • New widgets: Flickr, facebook, pricing tables, call to action bars.
  • Alternative styles for existing widgets
  • Coffee machine ;-)
  • Looking forward to hearing your requests!

Ether theme – small bug fixes #1

over 10 years ago in News by luke

Just letting you know that we’ve rolled out a small Ether theme update. Changelog below.

  • fixed 500 Internal server error on windows servers
  • fixed super topbar margins and¬†compact header mode
  • fixed jumpy drag & drop interface in content builder


A few thoughts on being a freelancer

over 11 years ago in Inspire by matt
Q:Why does one want to become a freelancer?
A:To get an independent and decent source of income, to become their own boss, manage their time any way they want. That kind of talk.
Q: How does one become a freelancer?
A:By not choosing clients who are pain in the ass.

Constant pain in the ass leads to frustration. By getting frustrated you drain yourself. Your skills deteriorate. You develop slower. This is not freelancing. This is ant working. You can just as well ‘freelance sell groceries‘, or ‘freelance wash cars‘ in a car wash.

A good freelancer is a good salesman. Being highly skilled in whatever you do is not enough. You need to know how to sell it. If you let the client make all the decisions in disagreement with you, and if you let that happen for a long period of time, and if that can’t be changed due to the client’s nature, let it go. Go somewhere else. If you don’t, you’ll end up hating what you do and treating it as the least enjoyable time during the day you have to waste in order to keep you going.

There are millions of clients out there. The chances are the more you look, the better the people you will hook up with. Don’t get stagnant, it’s the worst thing an aspiring individual wanting to become a freelancer can do.

I needed to write these thoughts down to clear my mind but hope it helps some of you as well. In fact leave a comment or two if it does!

Woohoo! 0.8.2 Free. How about we go Woohoo! Live!?

over 11 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

As promised earlier today, Woohoo! is now free to play for everyone. You can still donate if you wish ;)

It’s also worth mentioning that we’re planning to release Woohoo in html5 canvas some time later. Will it be the same? No. We have a few ideas on our minds that in theory at least sound as good alternatives to what’s out there on the market already. Stay tuned ;)

Download links:

Woohoo! about to go free

over 11 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

We’ll be rolling an update shortly with a free version of Woohoo!

The info on the site has been already updated, the game will be soon as well, stay tuned!

You can still donate, get a key and a shiny star in the ranks, other than that it’s totally free of charge.

Web Snooker – Brief announcement

over 11 years ago in Game and Web Snooker by luke

Hi! We’re happy to announce that websnooker claimed the award of the best polished game on the Game On competition held by Mozilla Labs! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Other than that we’re currently working on improving what’s there already. We have just updated Websnooker with some bugfixes and cosmetic gameplay changes.

One of the next things we’ll be focusing on are different game modes. Since everyone loves 8-ball so much this is our closest target.

Please remember this is alpha and if you happen to find some bugs please let us know, either via feedback button on the right or on irc channel – #websnooker @

We will be back with some more updates sometime soon!

Contest winners announcement!

over 11 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

Slightly delayed but there they are!

  1. wesz
  2. leek
  3. Eithrial
  4. Wilk
  5. Netsu
  6. Basro
  7. BarnD
  8. rychlis
  9. urban
  10. Hopeless

We’ve sent the keys to the email addresses entered in the game settings. Some of the top10 players haven’t filled them in so if you’re one of them and still would like to acquire the key please update your email address in the game settings and let us know either here by comments or by

Good job everyone!


Contest results!

over 11 years ago in Game and WooHoo Drive! by matt

Hey there,

The contest has ended and we have our happy winners. Well, most of them are us and/or our friends but there are a few quite attached players we don’t know in person which we’re really happy to see coming back every now and then! Big ups to you, keep it up! Thanks!;) We’ll have the keys sent over to you shortly.