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over 14 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by matt

I’ll be no shittin you, I have not done much recently, basically due to standard stuff that keeps me from Warp Speed that is namely exams and webdesign work (or lack of it for that matter which is just as bad when you need money)

Enough moaning. List of things that I managed to get done includes scratched metal textures I mentioned in the recent entry and worn out paint and badass rust (which I’m working on ‘currently’). So far I think the last two are the hardest to make but I’m progressing slowly and getting to the point where I almost like them enough to show you.

Just as I do like the metal scratches textures you can see below:

As you can notice the texture on the bottom features deeper scratches.

And they’re pretty seamless!

Don’t they look real?

Now, the coolest thing about them is that I found out pretty much a receipe to make them with as little effort as possible. That may sound lazy but it’s not. Personally I’d call it creative efficient. My goal from the very beginning was that the textures will not use any reference photos and will be 100% self-sufficient, easily editable and customizable.

From here I’ll be working out the way for the rust and worn out paint effects (Yea I’ve said that already) that will look just as cool and will be just as easy to make as the two textures above. Then I’ll think about some kind of a tutorial featuring these materials.

I don’t expect much progress for the next couple of weeks though.

For now let know your opinions for they’re always much appreciated, twice as much at such time actually!

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