Ether Forms 1.5.1 Update

over 9 years ago in API, Ether Forms and News by ether

Version 1.5.1 released on November 28, 2014

  • Added: Can now add custom classes to form added to a page. Either via [form id=”10″ class=”custom-class”] or in the “Misc” section when adding the form through Ether Content Builder
  • Fixed: Declaration of ether_form_divider_widget::widget() should be compatible with ether_form_widget::widget($widget, $input = Array, $errors = Array) in /wp-content/plugins/ether-forms/modules/form-widget.php on line 2049
  • Fixed: Misc Errors when browsing form entries via WP admin
  • Fixed: Non-Form elements such as Message boxes, images etc won’t show up anymore in the Form Entry when browsing entries via WP admin
  • Fixed: Non-static method ether_form::get_entry() should not be called statically in wp-content/plugins/ether-forms/modules/form.php on line 1255
  • Updated: user roles to user capabilities in scripts utilising specific WP functions

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