Ether Forms 1.4.7 Update: Major Admin & Front-End Update

over 9 years ago in API, Ether Forms and News by ether

Version 1.4.7 released on October 20, 2014

  • Added: All widgets can be now made dependent on conditional fields. (Meaning you can toggle the visibility of classic widgets such as headings and messages the same way as you would for form element widgets)
  • Added: Divider Widget live preview
  • Added: Form Option: Validation messages style in Form > General options when editing a form
  • Added: Main editor css styles minor adjustments
  • Added: Row/Column widgets can be also made dependent on conditional fields the same way the classic & form element widgets
  • Added: Support for optional multiple selections for the select widget element
  • Added: Toggle widget visibility button in the widget toolbar in the main editor view
  • Added: Widget: Generic Container: can be using for grouping widgets together without imposing any additional styling to the front-end
  • Fixed: Heading Widget displaying title twice in main editor view
  • Fixed: Styles of Validation error messages that appear on form submit when the form isn\’t filled in properly
  • Fixed: Widget edit metabox disappearing when hide this widget option is on and mouse pointer goes out of the metabox bounds

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