Ether Content Builder 1.9.6 Tweaks & Bugfixes

over 8 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • Updated: Admin UI tweaks
  • Fixed: Javascript core: Conditional fields: multiple [OR] conditions
  • Updated: Gallery widget: Option added: Show links in new tab
  • Fixed: Front end: Tabs/Accordion widget: page scroll to widget position on a page load even when no hash was set
  • Fixed: Front end: Custom spacing for grid slider widgets now works as expected
  • Fixed: Front end: Divider, List, Message, Post Feed, Page Feed, Custom Feed: Tweaked styles
  • Added: Widget: Accordion: option to toggle tab state marker on/off
  • Fixed: Front+Admin: Divider widget: Tweaked styles
  • Fixed: Admin: Testimonials widget: Javascript error when adding/editing widget
  • Fixed: Admin: Slider Nav Preview: controls positioning not updating properly
  • Fixed: Admin UI: Drag&Drop behaviour when inserting widgets into/out of columns
  • Added: Builder > Grid settings: default grid spacing size
  • Added: Widgets: New Icons

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