Ether Content Builder 1.9.5 is out! Widgets + Admin UI update

over 8 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • Updated: Admin & front-end: Javascript core tweaks
  • Fixed: Core: Conditional fields issue with multiple and-conditions per group
  • Fixed: Admin UI: Layout of some of the toggle checkboxes was broken
  • Fixed: Admin UI: Nivo Slider inits with more reasonable defaults now
  • Updated: Admin UI: UI Tweaks
  • Updated: Widget: Nivo Slider version (v.3.2)
  • Updated: Widget: Nivo Slider options added: slices, box_cols, box_rows, direction_nav, control_nav, pause_on_hover, prev_text, next_text, random_start, theme, start_slide; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Roundabout: inits with more reasonable defaults now. Reorganised and simplified options interface; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Divider: Options added: Border style, width, color, text color; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Button: Options added: Border radius, border color; Updated preview
  • Updated: Widget: Heading: Options added: Font size, font family (500 fonts from Google Fonts Directory), font color, font weight, font style; Updated preview
  • Updated: Admin pages: Ether, Builder, License

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