Ether Content Builder 1.9.2 is out! Major JS core update + UI tweaks

over 8 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • Updated: Admin: major admin javascript core update
  • Fixed: Admin: builder widgets metabox tabs behaviour when specific widget group is empty after filtering
  • Fixed: Front+Admin: Accordion ‘constrain’ option
  • Fixed: Front: Flickr Feed issues with requests where images count exceeded actual existing filtered images
  • Added: Front+Admin: Accordion ‘enable current constrain ‘option allowing toggling of a current active item even when the accordion is constrained
  • Added: Front+Admin: Tabs ‘tabs alignment’ option
  • Updated: Front: Minor javascript core updates
  • Updated: Front+Admin: Tab/Accordion core update
  • Updated: Revisited Widget Summary description for all Widgets
  • Changed: Admin Core: Removed widget excerpts, replaced them with widget summary
  • Updated: Revisited Admin Interface styles
  • Added: Group Item Duplicate option for widgets utilizing Grid Slider functionality

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