Ether Builder 1.7.1 (WordPress 3.5)

over 11 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by luke
  • Support for Post Revisions (beta) – it’s turned off by default and can be turned on in Ether > Builder > Enable revision support for Builder content
  • Fixed: Scroll Spy issues
  • Fixed: Conflicts with some theme/plugins interfering with searching posts for Ether Content Builder content
  • Fixed: ‘output buffering’ issue causing fatal error
  • Fixed: pods plugin conflict
  • Fixed: Saving/Loading Ether Content Builder templates
  • Fixed: Links in admin bar removed for users without proper permissions
  • Added: Widget label (misc tab) – allows to provide custom title/label for a widget that appears in admin view (so you can have a widget titled ‘Image – custom image description’ rather than ‘Image – /path/to/image/or-other-cryptic-stuff’)
  • Fixed: Warnings caused by changes applied to $wpdb->prepare() method in WordPress 3.5

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