Ether Builder 1.6.0

over 12 years ago in API, Ether Builder and News by matt
  • added style switcher (light/dark styles available for now) (BETA)
  • added rich text editor for widgets wherever applicable
  • added posts feed + pages feed widgets + option to make specific pages featured / set featured image (for display in pages feed)
  • revised template manager with a more compact look
  • added alternative styles for accordion and tabs widgets
  • added constrain ratio for gallery widget constrain option (so now you can have relative rectangles rather than squares only)
  • fixed “invalid argument supplied for foreach” warning”
  • fixed 404 errors in ether-builder.css (reset-16px.png and save-16px.png)
  • added ether_builder_widget and ether_builder_{WIDGET_SLUG}_widget filters
  • fixed alignment of linked images (image widget)
  • fixed gallery display issues (images overflowing vertically)
  • fixed pricing tables styles
  • refreshed ether builder admin pages layout and look
  • significantly revised documentation – updated with common faqs and custom Ether Builder filters description
  • added support for utf-8 serialized data and a new method of fixing it

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