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over 10 years ago in API and Ether Builder by luke

So yeah, new twitter api require oauth, so i decided to get rid of server side twitter feeds.

Right now twitter feed in the Ether Builder is powered by TwitterFetcher. Everything will look and work the same with one exception.

Instead of passing twitter username you have to pass twitter widget id now. Here is how you get it (text from TwitterFetcher’s page):

Go to and sign in as normal, go to your settings page.
Go to “Widgets” on the left hand side.
Create a new widget for what you need eg “user timeline” or “search” etc.
Feel free to check “exclude replies” if you dont want replies in results.
Now go back to settings page, and then go back to widgets page, you should
see the widget you just created. Click edit.
Now look at the URL in your web browser, you will see a long number like this:
Use this as your ID below instead!

Patch will be available on CodeCanyon soon, in the meantime you can request this patch via email

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