John Bauer

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Raf Simons

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I’m attracted to things
that i can’t define.

Circle of Abstract Ritual

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The Witness

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Having a perspective now

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So I’m in a middle of the process of updating the account on FREELANCER.COM, right? This is because we did some successful freelancing back in a day, then switched focus for a couple of years, and now are pondering on having another stab at FREELANCING.

Obviously, the old description from 2012 was outdated so I scraped it and rewritten a thing or two. Coming up with a QUICK and INSIGHTFUL writing was quite an interesting and challenging process.  A blend of nostalgia mixed with ice cold analysis, you know, just to flesh out the important stuff, leave out the blether, and mind you I have a great great tendency for it.

Personally, I like the piece, I would hire us if I were you but the experience shows that I have slightly sick and twisted world perspective and this might explain a lot of things.

Anyway, here’s the newly crafted piece, hopefully it will land us a job or two in the coming units of TIME:


WHAT, What. what?

What type of ENTITY are we? Two freelance in-house web developers from Poland.

How did we get here? HISTORY, not boring.

1) A FEW YEARS BACK – out of high school, heads full of IDEAS, we heavily relied on living off freelancing, almost exclusively. Check our activity log predating 2012 for an insight.
2) Then, in 2012+, heads still full of IDEAS, we tried selling on Envato, released a few pretty successful projects there. Check out the portfolio for some details on that, too.
3) 2015+ came and (heads still full of IDEAS) we decided to get back into what got us going in the first place. All these years were a good time full of lessons on how to approach people, life and business, how to connect all these together and how not to. At the moment we’re EXTREMALLY looking forward to establishing LONG TERM BUSINESS partnerships and working together on SMALL and MEDIUM sized projects.


What are we good at?

-Perfectly tailored COMMUNICATION along the way throughout the whole project,
-Delivering high QUALITY end-product,
-Long term relationships – BUSINESSLIKE

The BAD.

What are we not good at?

-We have a solid history on sidetracking on a million of unrelevant project during the course of all these years. WAIT. But.. But.. That’s meant to be a positive thing, exploring things. Right? Well, evaluate for yourself!


-We live in Poland (THIS is not the ugly part you.. you.. you little-middle-european-caucassian-male hater!), so you’d think our timezone is GMT+1 but in fact it’s RANDOM and spread out all over the scale. Sometimes we work on weekends, sometimes not. Sometimes we respond within minutes, some other times, NOT. But we’re programmed to DELIVER QUALITY. Some say such unorganised workflow is unreliable – we DON’T.


Back in the day, when (formerly was a leader in the outsourcing of IT industry and we were in the middle of our FREELANCING amok, that’s the quote we had in our description:

“Every client we’ve had so far was more than satisfied with the quality of our services, so why don’t you join them? ;-) ” – TRUE


This is supposedly where you, upon reviewing our BID and checking our E-BIO, go ahead and HIRE us!

Arthur Radebaugh

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Artur Radebaugh - Closer than we think!

Note on progress

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Note to self, on making progress and staying in good better mental shape,

I notice this pattern constantly. When I am in the zone everything looks bright. The tasks at hand are clear and the overall direction is very well defined. However, when I’m out of it distracted by life I find it hard to get motivated and keep on progressing. I know that having a routine and a clear mind is a key to succeeding, yet sometimes I will fail and hinder my progress procrastinating anyway.

I think I might have found the pattern to deal against such wasteful behaviour. It will apply best to a blend of types:
-having interwining episodes of mild depression and productivity,
-knowing and wanting to do better but struggling,
-fighting but being less motivated every day

Whenever you’re in a good mental shape, working on developing anything you are into but have trouble with being consistent on a regular basis, plan out the following:
-when to initiate next session of the same type
-what tasks to perform during this session

Write down the specifics. Make the instructions as clear as possible understanding that you may be dealing with a troubled mind later on. Then, when the time comes, no matter what and if you’re physically able, follow the note.

This note you make in the past is the note from the future. Your bright side is more evolved, more keen on developing, farther ahead. The other part lags behind. It slows you down. It needs direction and when directed it may improve.

Either way, there you go. DIY of time travel, it’s possible.

“Don’t you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone?”


B. B. King

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Memories Of Feeling

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Cascolab 2010: Transmission

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