WHAT, What. what?

What type of ENTITY are we? Two freelance in-house developers from Poland.


What are we good at?

-Perfectly tailored COMMUNICATION along the way throughout the whole project
-Delivering high QUALITY end-product
-Long term relationships – BUSINESSLIKE

The BAD.

What are we not good at?

-We have a solid history on sidetracking on a million of unrelevant project during the course of all these years. WAIT. But.. But.. That’s meant to be a positive thing, exploring things. Right? Well, evaluate for yourself!


-We live in Poland (THIS is not the ugly part you.. you.. you little-middle-european-caucassian-male hater!), so you’d think our timezone is GMT+1 but in fact it’s RANDOM and spread out all over the scale. Sometimes we work on weekends, sometimes not. Sometimes we respond within minutes, some other times, NOT. But we’re programmed to DELIVER QUALITY. Some say such unorganised workflow is unreliable – we DON’T.


For all general inquiries you can reach us at hq@onether.com.

If you wish to be interlinked with specific entity you can do that too.