WHAT, What. what?

What type of ENTITY are we? Two freelance in-house developers from Poland.


What are we good at?

-Perfectly tailored COMMUNICATION along the way throughout the whole project
-Delivering high QUALITY end-product
-Long term relationships – BUSINESSLIKE

The BAD.

What are we not good at?

-We have a solid history on sidetracking on a million of unrelevant project during the course of all these years. WAIT. But.. But.. That’s meant to be a positive thing, exploring things. Right? Well, evaluate for yourself!


-Sometimes we work on weekends, sometimes not. Sometimes we respond within minutes, some other times, NOT. But we’re programmed to DELIVER QUALITY. Some say such unorganised workflow is unreliable – we DON’T.


For all general inquiries you can reach us at hq@onether.com.

If you wish to be interlinked with specific entity you can do that too.