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  • Works with all valid themes
  • Mobile & Responsive ready
  • Drag & Drop interface.
  • Dark/light style switcher
  • WP admin Form entries viewer
  • Download forms in CSV format
  • Customizable Confirmation message
  • Optional email notifications
  • Predefined form elements
  • Customizable form submit button
  • Serverside form validation
  • Conditional logic
  • No programming background required
  • Fully compatible with Ether Content Builder for WP
Ether Forms widgets area view


Ether Forms Builder works with all valid themes. and we will assist you with any reported incompatibilities

Any Form Layout

Selection of widgets and form elements

Drag & Drop

Ether Forms has a very intuitively designed user interface that will make building your pages a breeze and save you tons of time

Conditional Logic

Make use of built-in conditional logic function and build rich and powerful forms

Ether Forms is one of the best tools for form building for WordPress out there and is a must have for every content publisher. No coding knowledge is required, you get what you see saving lots of time in the process. You will love working with it.

Regular license

Only $20 per license

Save money and time, get your job done swift and easy. Life-time support included!

Form Examples

Perfect tool for building small to medium sized projects


All fields except textarea can be used in the process of building conditional statements

CV Submission

CV Sumbission form example featuring multiple file uploads

Email Subscription

Two-field standard email subscription form

Event RSVP

"Please Respond" form type example

Food Order Form

Food Order form example

Hotel Booking

Medium sized form with conditionals and specialised fields in action

Popup Form

Popup forms can be displayed either by manual user action or automatically by adding some simple custom javascript code

Registration Form

Resident Registration form examples for gathering basic info about the user

Simple Contact Form

Standard contact form extended with a few extra fields and protected with reCaptcha

Simple Product Survey

Medium sized product survey form example featuring radio boxes and checkbox groups

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