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  • Mobile Ready
  • Intuitive & efficient UI
  • Drag & Drop
  • Live Previews
  • Supports all themes
  • Custom Post Types
  • Templates
  • Shortcodes
  • Sidebar to Builder widgets and vice versa
  • Rich & extendable widget base


Ether Content Builder works with all valid themes. and we will assist you with any reported incompatibilities

Any Page Layout

With vast array of widgets at hand creating any layouts is easier than ever. Extendable widget base starts with 40+ widgets!

Drag & Drop

Ether Builder has a very intuitively designed user interface that will make building your pages a breeze and save you tons of time

Custom Post Types

You can enable the Builder for standard posts and pages as well as custom post types

Magnificient User Interface

Ether Builder Admin UI Highlights

Rich Widget Base

All the content types you'll ever need, in one place


Rows with specified columns. Can serve as containers for other widgets. Columns cannot be nested within each other


Widgets featuring Grid & Slider capabilities. Content inside them can be easily organised into either static or slideable grids with plenty of custom options

Pricing table

Showcase detailed pricing plans. Features Customizable headings, table cells and button.

Pricing box

Displays pricing plan in a compact fashion. Each box consists of a title, price, short description and a button

Post feed

Displays posts from selected category from the blog feed

Page feed

Display pages from your website as a post/gallery feed.

Custom post feed

Display custom post types as a posts/gallery feed


Highly customizable media gallery.


Multipurpouse widget for displaying combination of images, titles and content. Suitable for presenting team members, listing out product highlights and such


Dedicated widget for groups of clients\' quotes. Comes with a few predefined styles and customizable options

Twitter feed

Customizable display of Twitter Feed. Comes in a few different themes and options allowing for displaying only specific tweet info such as user avatar, name and tweet content.

Flickr feed

Creates gallery from your flickr feed.


Plain text

Simple plain text widget suitable for inserting raw content or shortcodes

Syntax Highlighter

Implementation of code highlighting utility by Alex Gorbatchev, capable of highlighting 25 popular programming languages

Rich text

Advanced text editor powered by TinyMCE


Use it for inserting custom code snippets of any kind, be it HTML, CSS, or even Javascript.


Hx elements from h1 to h6. Comes with a few customizable options such as text size, alignment, color, weight, style and font family from Google Fonts Directory


Simple Image widget with a few predefined styles

Post Content

This widget will display content from your post editor.


Horizontal bar for dividing separate sections of the page. Customizable options include back to top link title and source options


6 message box types for special notifications. Comes with a few different style presets


Turns given text into a blockquote.


Unordered lists with custom image icons. Many layout variants available.


Turn ordinary links into buttons that will draw attention where you need it. Features default presets and customizable properties such as button size, font size and colors


YouTube, Vimeo or Blip.tv


Simple Table Generator.


Generate tabbed content. Customizable options include tab icons, tab orientation (horiz/vert), alignment and more. Compatible with browser history


Generate accordions or toggle boxes. Custom settings include: constrain, tab icons, predefined themes. Compatible with browser history

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box

Google map

Insert a google map with a specified title and location

Contact form

Classic contact form. Available fields include name, email and message.


Allows to reuse content previously created and saved with Ether Content Builder


Add custom styles to your page using CSS.


Basic link element.

Heading menu

Menu generator. Menu is created from headings existing in page content. Customizable options include: scrollspy menu, fixed menu position, types of headings that will be included.

Generic Container

Generic Container can be using for grouping widgets together without imposing any additional styling to the front-end

3rd Party Sliders

Nivo slider

The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use image slider on the market.

Roundabout slider

Roundabout is a turntable-like, entertaining and interactive slider

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2 Years

Of steady updates and improvements

2000+ Licenses

Sold to the growing customer base

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Recognition for good product quality

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