Bump mapping

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by luke

I have just finished implementing bump mapping. Let’s take a look at the effects:

Base Texture

Texture with bump map

Texture with bump map and diffuse refelction

Weekly update #1

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by luke

I’m going to post every Monday of the week a short list of things we have done. So, going straight to the point:

  • support for widescreen resolutions
  • waypoint path finding using A* algorithm
  • fixed player-particle collision
  • fixed OpenAL listener orientation
  • rendering foreground/background masks
  • new bot scripting interface
  • improved modding

New Por Design server tests

over 8 years ago in News by matt

New Por Design server was started. New server is localized in Poland in NEPHAX Data Center in GdaƄsk.

On new server we ran Babo Violent 2 (version 2.11f) servers:

  • Test#1-CTF
  • Test#2-DM
  • Real Squad 2

Warp Speed – development state

over 8 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by luke

Long time since last post, but warp speed is still under development! Yes, that’s true, I have prepared this short post for all those assholes, that don’t follow the progress. Here is a list of new things:

  • 3d sound engine
  • weapon and particle system
  • animations
  • VFS
  • new scripting language – game monkey
  • static lightmaps
  • dynamic lightning
  • auto-update feature
  • improved modding
  • almost finished network code

I decided to invite several people to test possibilities of warp engine, mainly hardware compatibility issues, speed, quality and modding capabilities. If you’re interested, please mail / twitt me.

Almost forgot to mention that Netsu and Tymek from the Double Dude have joined the inglorious basterds team!

Warp Speed editor

over 8 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by luke

This video shows very basic level editor for warp speed.

It’s speed is like 200% as my hardware is just as lazy as me and wouldn’t record it at normal circumstances unfortunately.

At the moment we can create polygons (triangles and quads) in diffrent type of material, like free, solid, platform, damage etc. You can texture polygons, paint each vertex, put objects, spawn points and do other basic stuff like moving/transforming objects. I did basic layer managment and UV editor, but it isn’t useful for now, needs to be rewritten. In the future you will be able to put many diffrent objects like weapons OR lights, export/import meshes geometry, paint everything with brush like in photoshop, add different effects and customize GUI. Our priority of course is flexibility and usability. Usability, which quite often gets forgotten by indie developers. No, we want to be our level editor to just as friendly as any other software with intuitive and user friendly navigation and stuff.

We will back working on this soon. Be patient;)