Vector Victor

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by matt

Hello there, after finally getting bored with Mr. Stork’s skinny looks (it was our previous guest dude), I felt it’s time to replace him with someone who looks more badass and will be a base for the future final version of The Dude.

Today I decided on introducing to you our newborn child, Victor. Vector Victor, to be precise. What Victor Vector is? As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s a vector representation of the player model that’ll be used in Warp Speed. Why vector? Our destination size of The Dude is around 100px. It’s not pixel art in its pure form, but it’s not a hi-res model either. After having some thougts on this topic I tought pixel arting and doing The Dude in 1:1 ratio would be too tricky and the easier way will be with vectors since you can edit them more easily and they degrade pretty cool when scaled down to the desired size.

Below you can have a look at Victor in it’s full size. The Dude is simplified a bit and he may look a bit angular (when in such scale) but the point is to make it look badass in the target 100px scale. It doesn’t matter here, whether his abs are angular or rounded as you won’t see the difference in the end product anyway.

Vector Victor, a vector representation of the Warp Speed player model

Mr Victor Vector in its original scale. You can notice the joints between particular parts of his body. You may also notice that his palms are not finished.

Another cool thing about Victor is that his body parts fit to each other perfectly and look neat in any natural position. Below you can se a couple of poses Victor agreed to do for me on his first photo shoot session. Click the image to see how Victor looks in the targeted 100px scale.

Victor doing some posing on the photo shoot

Posing Victor. From the left: Standing; Dashing; Making a gesture; Falling backward after being hit.

So, what’s next?

In the meantime Victor will be spiced up and will have alt versions for front/back leg/hand done but he’s not a priority anymore. After we have officially launched the website I’m back to texturing BIG TIME!

Weekly update #3

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by luke

It’s been a long week and below you can see the list of latest changes as for the time of posting the third weekly update!

  • improved player movement (we’ll post a video soon)
  • fixed a few scripting functions
  • almost implemented CEgui for editors
  • fixed bones texturing
  • unified scripting between diffrent game states (world state, game state, menu state etc.)
  • fixed HUGE bug causing the game to crash
  • rewritten main renderer (not implemented yet)

General progress update

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by matt

We’re quite busy now, and I’m happy to say that we are spending most of the time on warp speed development this week.

We made significant changes to payer physic and are currently working on a few more extra features that are supposed to improve the overall movement quality.

Moreover, we’re preparing to finally set off with the website. The launch was originally scheduled on April 15th, however, there are couple more cool things that we want to get done before we officially say hi. We intend to start releasing alpha versions of Warp Speed and we’re working on the introduction video as well. These two require a few issues to be resolved and that’s what consumes all the time now.

Stay tuned so that you do not miss all the fun!

Weekly update#2

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by luke

Next week, next monday and next update!

The past week I spent most of my time on website development, so Warp Speed was set aside. Anyway, here is a short achievement list:

  • fixed all collision glitches
  • implemented bump mapping
  • fixed particles distance detection system
  • began renderer optimisation
  • added console background and new font for better visibility

Currently we are wrapping up website related stuff so hopefully I’ll be able to focus more on the game itself this week!

Textures preview

over 7 years ago in Game and Warp Speed by matt

There’s no way for a game to become an AAA+ title if it does not look badass these days. I know you’re all tired with almost monochromatic videos wesz posts from time to time to show off his skillz, therefore I decided to mix a few textures I’ve made in the meantime so you can see how the game’s gonna look like in the future.

Click on the screens to see full size preview. I suggest that for better experience you check them out in fullscreen mode.

warpspeed textures preview

The dude as well as the weapons are just placeholders for future ball-breaking artworks.

warpspeed textures preview

There’s only a few textures present but obviously there’s a lot more to come. Whereas these here do not have too many details, I’m planning on enriching them later on as currently I’m working on getting a few more base textures that’ll look fine together when you actually texture something with them. This proved to be the hardest part so far. In general designing textures that are supposed to look fine from all four points of view is kind of tricky. I’ll go over this process in a following weeks if I’m lucky. Enjoy and stay tuned by then!